Thursday, April 26, 2012

Leaflet - JavaScript Library for Interactive Maps

Recently I started playing with some JS mapping capabilities, the first step was to start with Google Maps.
Well Google has many resources and been around forever, maps are loading super fast and it is free. Until recently... Well Google decided its time to earn some money and added some limitation to the maps usage.

So Google maps is out of the question for many new start-ups which generates some nice traffic but has no revenue.

Well I was on a quest to look for a different solution plus I needed mobile capabilities.

My search was done when I found Leaflet, a light JS library that takes advantage of Open Street Map and Cloudmade and makes the magic with very few lines on code.

I managed to create my mobile mapping experience within less then one hour and the best thing is that it can help you  generate revenue of you want to add ads on top of your maps.

Have a legendary week!

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